Can I get any discount on frozen squid fish in my first order?
For the detailed information about the price discounts, please contact us directly before placing the order. Our frozen squid fish is priced in terms of many different factors. For example, in the dull season, the price may be a little lower than that of the peak season. Or during the festivals such as Black Friday and Christmas Day, our sales department may put forward some marketing strategies related to price discounts to attract customers. At all events, we offer a very favorable price to our customers whether you purchase from us for the first time or many times.
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LONGSHENG AQUATIC PRODUCTS CO.,LTD has been recognized as an expert of frozen fish supplier. We have expertise in product development and manufacture. LONGSHENG AQUATIC PRODUCTS is mainly engaged in the business of bonito tuna and other product series. The epitaxial wafer of LongSheng [grey mullet price undergoes a series of the complicated production process including washing, photoetching, stripping of photoresist and coating. It is not prone to decay under the perfect storage. By setting up the quality assurance system, LongSheng has enough capability to produce exquisite frozen fish for sale with high quality. The product contains absolutely no additives.
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We do our best to win the international frozen squid marketplace.

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