Cold storage ways of fish

by:LongSheng     2021-01-12
As fish
storage and the size of the fish, fish species, fish fat thickness has great relations, such as: salmon, herring, trout, mackerel, etc. This kind of fish is very high in fat - 18 ℃ under the condition of refrigerator storage, can only about 2 ~ 3 months of storage, in the same storage conditions, for less fat fish, storage period of up to 4 ~ 5 months or so, so we usually suggest: if storage of fat in fish, cold storage temperature control in - Around 30 can extend the storage period, the temperature control in - less fat fish 18 ~ - 23 between cold storage can also extend the storage period, and some muscle than - red fish 30 refrigerated, more have some special kinds of fish, to control the temperature 40 ~ - About 60 for storage.

general for storage in addition to the temperature of fish, there are difference, it is also the distinguishing of fish on the handling of, its freezing method, for example, we have three kinds: common way of frozen fish frozen tunnel freezing, flat-panel frozen at low temperature, low temperature liquid immersion and spray.

frozen fish frozen in tunnel is under low temperature high speed cold air directly for quick freezing, this kind of temperature in the tunnel is in commonly - 25 ℃ or so, and now the technology is already very strong, as the temperature and wind speed can be controlled, but the average wind speed relatively excessive product consumption was greater, so it's also important to control the humidity inside, about the need to control humidity is around 95%, the benefits of quick-freezing tunnel is fish all automation control inside the tunnel, realizing mechanization production, processing efficiency is higher.

tablet in low temperature freezing pressure refers to put the fish in the fish dish between two tablets at low temperature are freezing fish kind generally in 40 ~ 100 kpa pressure equipment, the advantages of flat frozen at low temperature is frozen fish and tidy appearance, convenient packing and transportation, and dry consumption also relatively less.
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