Formal import frozen seafood products is more nutritious than fresh green

by:LongSheng     2021-01-13

as people living standard rise, the quality requirements for food more and more is also high, people are looking for the pure natural, pollution-free food. Good taste, without good food. In many ingredients, standard of seafood, request that is high!

seafood, focusing on a 'fresh' word, also is the basic requirements of most of seafood; In the face of all kinds of seafood on the market, often in live seafood and frozen seafood, it is difficult to choose. The truth is: you seem quiet frozen seafood, can truly meet your taste and nutrition needs!

ship frozen fresh from the source to start

ship frozen, popular is the large fishing boats, to catch fish, shrimp, shellfish, crabs directly carry on the processing process on the ship; Directly to the low temperature treatment, frozen or steam mature before freezing.

ship frozen seafood best

1. Protein PaiSuan automatically, when I was 30 degrees below zero in the purine content is greatly reduced, so eat this kind of seafood nutrition and health, and not the gout.

2。 The original keep the seafood is delicious. Seafood is harvested in the wild forage, absolutely fresh.

modern deep-sea fishing, often a 'frozen' ship way. Low temperature freezing, to ensure the high quality seafood, after thawing, can present a delicious taste and good nutrition! Frozen seafood freshness and nutritional value, than those that change the growth environment, after a long journey to get consumers to live much better from the table. Frozen goods quality, seafood is also more sufficiently than live!
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