Fresh seafood than frozen seafood

by:LongSheng     2021-01-06

with the improvement of living standards, seafood also flew to inland city residents of the table, but it is also the most 'critical' to seafood. But, if not the offshore fishermen, personally alive the sea fishing vomit a bubble, seafood, don't look for in a live seafood much, because you buy of live seafood is not necessarily better than frozen seafood. Given the most inland city supply are frozen seafood, what let us know of frozen seafood, how you came to our table in the form of.

fresh seafood must be better than frozen seafood?
it is reported that currently on the market of fresh seafood, mostly offshore artificial breeding, short-distance transportation. Seafood market demand is more and more big, the wild seafood catch enough, so the rise of farming.

in order to obtain higher profits, most of the seafood breeding density is bigger, through artificial feed, short production cycle, meat is loose. In addition, seafood from its own growing environment will break feed, for transport to the sales in the consumption of fat and nutrients itself, so this type of farming is frozen seafood fresh seafood taste and nutrition.

of frozen seafood processing before the way have?
refers to the seafood frozen seafood temperature 18 ℃ below zero, it will be completely frozen, locked the seafood nutrition moisture, etc. , so we can choose frozen seafood at ordinary times. In order to better preserve, retain the delicious seafood, in front of the frozen seafood processing way.

( 1) Post-harvest, timely processing on the fishing boat, through the way of low temperature freezing, the greatest degree of guarantee the taste of seafood and nutrition.

in general, the way is suitable for modern deep-sea fishing, fishing in the sea immediately after processing, landed in cold-chain distribution directly. In this way, to reach consumers' hands deep sea seafood quality is good, the taste of thawed even more than long-distance transport of live seafood, and nutrition also got great save.

( 2) After fishing, seafood on the ice to reduce temperature, after waiting for ship is in port, to sort of fishing to seafood, will be frozen seafood processing again. This way is suitable for inshore fishing, seafood mortality rate will be lower, this way the quality of the seafood is slightly lower than frozen on the ship.

( 3) Some seafood from deep ocean die quickly, such as hairtail, and some small boats out to sea, refrigeration equipment is insufficient, can only through the ice temperature, maximum keep the quality of the seafood. It is the freezing method to large boats not commonly use.
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