Frozen seafood

by:LongSheng     2021-01-25

frozen seafood can be divided into several? Has two kinds, one kind is frozen, is a kind of shore frozen ( Also called frozen lu) 。

many fishing boats in the sea fishing, because may go to relatively far from the ground, after the draw back to land may be two or three days or longer. Such a long time, if you don't do processing, seafood will decay, this will affect the quality of the fish. So how to solve, and that is loaded the ship refrigerator, seafood after a draw to the ship, in the refrigerator frozen up immediately, this is the ship frozen.

there are some boats out to sea may not far away, the day you can back and forth, then after they will return to land, put the seafood in cold storage cryopreservation, this way is the shore frozen.

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