Frozen seafood and fresh seafood what to choose?

by:LongSheng     2021-01-24

many people think, frozen seafood, fresh will discount, taste is not frozen. But, because of the rapid development of frozen food technology, the problems have been solved.

used in frozen seafood frozen technology, is essentially frozen - — Seafood is captured, immediately put in minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit, that is - The temperature of the 29, 30 minutes is completely frozen.

if caught seafood is fresh, frozen, as it's fresh will be saved, until after thawing, cooking, into the mouth of the moment. In addition to the fishermen fishing, when most of us eat seafood is by buying. Alive so, if you are selected, then there will be more hidden trouble.

many aquatic chamber of commerce use additives keep not frozen seafood fresh appearance, gioia bubble out bright shrimps, formaldehyde to metamorphic squid, sodium benzoate let smelly rotten fish shrimp, this news sure you not strange.

and dandong frozen seafood is completely without these problems. Seafood frozen immediately after capture, don't bother to make them look more fresh, to completely eliminate the use of additives. At the same time, 30 minutes of quick-frozen will completely eliminate the possibility of breeding, until the moment you thaw.

high quality seafood frozen technology, won't make any kind of loss of nutrients, protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin D the fat-soluble vitamins, is precious omega 3 fatty acids. This has already been a Norwegian named SINTEF institute research results about frozen fish was confirmed.
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