Frozen seafood can save how long?

by:LongSheng     2021-01-26

seafood: fish, shrimp, shellfish and turtle. Because they contain lots of easy oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids, so the shelf life more shorter than livestock and poultry meat, frozen generally can reach about half a year, in four months.

early treatment has a great influence on the shelf life of frozen food. Such as fish without any processing frozen, only 1 - After two months, but the science dealing with frozen again, shelf life can be extended to six months. Frozen carefully cleaned before

the quality of the refrigerator and use daily habits also has a great influence on the shelf. Refrigerator should figure out when cooling performance of choose and buy, the freezer temperatures can reach below 18 ℃ below zero. Now some products can reach 20 ℃ below zero - 23 ℃ below zero, is more advantageous to extend the shelf life. In addition to low temperature enough to maintain the stability of the temperature is quite important also, temperature fluctuations can make the cell damage, resulting in the loss of nutrition. So when taking food should be quick, as far as possible take out at a time, reduce the time and the number of the refrigerator door, and be careful not to frequent power outages, processed food cool frozen again, don't again frozen thawed frozen seafood.

don't drink beer when eating ready-to-eat seafood. Seafood such as shrimp and crab, after the metabolism of human body can form uric acid, and too much uric acid can cause gout, kidney stones and other symptoms. If a lot of seafood at the same time, drink beer, will accelerate the formation of uric acid in the body.

the bacteria in frozen seafood is mainly deputy hemolytic vibrio, such as heat resistance is stronger, more than 80 ℃ can kill. Except the water of seafood may also exist in parasitic ovum and processing of virus contamination. Generally speaking, in boiling water In order to be 5 minutes.

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