Frozen seafood compared to live seafood

by:LongSheng     2021-01-23

frozen seafood and live seafood no particular comparative, different ways of seafood is suitable for preservation, seafood and save the way and the distance, the limitation of transportation, each have advantages. Let's introduce:

seafood preserved way
1. Ocean fish is frozen much more, to put the refrigerator frozen, but don't after thawing in the freezer.

2。 If is the fish, you should first take the fish scales and viscera, wash and drain and cut into small pieces, packed separately with the baggie or tin foil, and prevent the spread of the smell, finally put the freezer to save.

3. Mussel class seafood to clean with clear water again, and then qing is added in a basin of water and put a tablespoon of salt, immerse the sediment clean 2 hours so that it will put a refrigerator.

4。 If it's shrimp, water will wash shrimp into the metal basin, and then in water in the basin, the water will not shrimp, finally put it in the freezer, frozen into pieces after will take out, place for a while and then pour frozen shrimp piece, reoccupy bags, sealed, and then put the fridge cryopreservation.

must be stressed that the living fresh, frozen seafood, fresh ice all have their own advantages, according to the characteristics of different ingredients, mainly according to the flesh to choose a different approach, to make every kind of food can show the best taste and flavor, is worth our selection.

living fresh, frozen seafood, fresh ice difference between
1. 【 Live. Short shelf life, should be in the coastal human taste, as the name implies, refers to the live seafood.

a lot of people think human seafood in best, because the most fresh. If you're close to seafood fishing spot, the requirement to eat live is reasonable. But if you are away from the coastal areas, or want to eat seafood imports, its survival rate and fleshy degree is difficult to guarantee.

to get the most tenacious vitality for big lobster, lobster usually can stick to a week or so of the transportation time, this is also why the lobster can often eat to live. But in the process of transportation lobster lack of drinking and eating, cause the shrimp ShouBie, which is why live lobster after cooking, often see meat from shell, even on the flesh of shrimp clamp only a third of the reason.

so eat live is best in the coastal zone, or even on the transport can ensure live seafood, the actual texture greatly processing than other methods instead of seafood.

2. 【 Ice fresh 】 Should not be short term preservation, long distance transportation, landed in a short period of time covered with a layer of a layer of crushed ice for preservation, this way of handling the fresh seafood called ice.

the temperature dropped to 0 ℃ or so crushed ice seafood can be, and will remain in the transport and storage process in the temperature range. In this temperature range, basic not frozen seafood or meat, can in the short term to maintain freshness. We often see in the supermarket, lying on the ice itself is not frozen seafood is fresh. Seafood processing this way to save time is shorter, not suitable for long-distance transportation.

3。 【 Frozen fresh. Maintain the original quality, conducive to long-term preservation

frozen fresh, is refers to the in - after frozen Below 18 ℃ storage seafood. Are the benefits of frozen fresh center temperature dropped to - quickly 18 ℃ and frozen completely, make all moisture curing, to prevent changes in liquidity caused by the quality, ensure the quality of the seafood and nutrition. Frozen seafood can lock in seafood nutrition and moisture, in order to avoid loss, and to kill bacteria and prevent bacterial invasion, keep the original product quality, save for a long time.

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