Frozen seafood is not fresh delicious?

by:LongSheng     2021-01-18

with the approach of the Spring Festival, we purchase has also been on the agenda, seafood, fish, prawn and crab are indispensable a delicacy. When the choose and buy seafood, many people believe that fresh taste better than frozen, so always in the preparation of family reunion dinner on the same day, prices high, to scramble to buy back. But is it true?

many people think, frozen seafood, 'fresh' will be on sale, taste is not frozen. But, because of the rapid development of frozen food technology, the problems have been solved.

used in frozen seafood frozen technology, is essentially frozen - — Seafood is captured, immediately put in minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit, that is - 29 ℃, the temperature of frozen completely within 30 minutes.

if caught seafood is fresh, frozen, as its 'fresh' will be saved, until after thawing, cooking, into the mouth of the moment.

king crab, lobster mostly frozen on board, to carry on land, but do you think they don't frozen after delicious? Don't. In fact, there is no a few people can tell from taste, whether the seafood dishes use after freezing.

and as a result, many restaurants, Japanese material shop can use frozen seafood as ingredients, since frozen fish in a little difference on the palate, not only can let them not be restricted by seasonal supply all kinds of fish food.
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