How many frozen at sea fish are produced by LONGSHENG AQUATIC PRODUCTS per year?
We'll continue to make the investment in raising the capacity of our manufacturing facilities while providing frozen at sea fish . We hope to have the ability to meet all manufacturing requirements throughout the year and also to fulfill your orders in an acceptable shipping interval.

The core competence of LONGSHENG AQUATIC PRODUCTS CO.,LTD is developing and manufacturing quality frozen fish loins. We are one of the major suppliers in this industry in China. LONGSHENG AQUATIC PRODUCTS's Frozen pacific saury series are created based on unremitting efforts. frozen squid are recognized for their properties for frozen squid sale. The product is guaranteed to be odor-free. LONGSHENG AQUATIC PRODUCTS has gained core competitive advantages in frozen horse mackerel field with its quality products. The product is guaranteed to be odor-free.

The goal of LongSheng is to lead the prevailing frozen spanish mackerel fillet industry. Inquiry!
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