How to defrost frozen fish

by:LongSheng     2020-12-31

The saury is the only species of the saury, saury family, and saury genus. It is also one of the important food fishes. Pacific saury is a very common fish in some East Asian food dishes, and the catch is very large. Japan was the country with the largest catch of saury in the world in 2010, with a catch of 170,000 tons. Taiwan ranks second in the world. The volume is 160,000 tons. Do you know any ways to defrost frozen fish? Today, I will give a brief introduction to the most suitable thawing method of saury, so that the thawed fish has the highest nutritional value!

Recently, the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences reported an article in which researchers compared the four ways of thawing fish: 'flow thawing', 'static thawing', 'room temperature air thawing', and 'low temperature air thawing'. , After experimentation and comparison, it is found that: (1) In terms of thawing time, low-temperature air thawing takes the longest time, and fluid thawing takes the shortest time. Room temperature air thawing and static water thawing are between the two. Therefore, if you rush to cook, You can choose the flow thaw method to treat frozen fish.

(2) If you have time, please try your best to choose low-temperature air thawing, because low-temperature air thawing can effectively delay fat oxidation, which is only one of the reasons. At the same time, from the perspective of the muscle tissue structure, the saury will have tight muscle fibers and small gaps after being thawed in low-temperature air, making it more chewy to eat. On the contrary, the way of air thawing at room temperature will cause the saury muscle fibers to become loose and even break.

To sum up, considering the quality maintenance effect and economic efficiency, if the time is tight, you can choose the flow thawing method. However, if there is plenty of time, everyone should try to choose low-temperature air thawing. This is the best choice!
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