Store seafood, frozen seafood, still fresh for good?

by:LongSheng     2021-01-27

store seafood, frozen seafood, still fresh for good? Ocean fish is frozen much more, to put the refrigerator frozen, but don't after thawing in the freezer. If is the fish, you should first take the fish scales and viscera, wash and drain and cut into small pieces, packed separately with the baggie or tin foil, and prevent the spread of the smell, put the freezer to save. Mussel class seafood to clean with clear water again, and then qing is added in a basin of water and put a tablespoon of salt, immerse the sediment clean 2 hours so that it will put a refrigerator. If it's shrimp, water will wash shrimp into the metal basin, and then in water in the basin, the water will not shrimp, put it in the freezer, frozen into pieces after will take out, place for a while and then pour frozen shrimp piece, reoccupy bags, sealed, and then put the fridge cryopreservation.

seafood, also called sea food, made cuisine refers to the use of sea animals, including fish, shrimp, shellfish, these, and so on. Although kelp this kind of Marine life is often also be cooking food, but the seafood is mainly for animal food is given priority to. In a narrow sense, can only be called seafood fresh sea food, seafood classification: live seafood, frozen seafood.
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