Thaw frozen seafood is

by:LongSheng     2021-01-21

is how to thaw frozen seafood, thawing is also have a lot of attention, let's look at how to achieve reasonable thaw?

seafood thawing, when the temperature rises to a certain range ( By a 0 degrees Celsius up to 6 degrees Celsius) , can restore the food inside the melting of the ice crystal water absorption to seafood in the cell, if rapid melting, the water will not be able to recover and become juices flow out. Because the juice out of the water-soluble nutrients such as protein, minerals, vitamin, will make the seafood nutrition loss. Therefore, the reasonable thaw frozen seafood is the key to ensure the quality.

as a general rule, the shorter, the thawing time * * * ze the closer it gets to the color, the better. Seafood, as well as in 1 5 degrees Celsius in natural thaw in the air, also can use 15 degrees Celsius water spray to thaw, also can put in flowing water thawing of 10 degrees Celsius. But should not be kept quiet place soaked in water; Don't put the seafood in the warm water to thaw.

imported frozen seafood, generally after the fishing boat, immediately conduct a preliminary processing, then the freeze, packaging - into the ship 25 degrees cold storage. Seafood thawing, can use cold water spray to thaw, but generally experienced chefs will use another better way - — 'Thaw' at low temperature, it can guarantee the thawed seafood, taste and nutrition in water condition.

low temperature thawing can ensure seafood is not lost soluble constituents, keep nutrients in the flesh, but also keep our pursuit of the 'fresh'. Refrigerator frozen layer temperature can control in 4. 4 ℃, the temperature is to reduce the amount of food appropriate temperature; Slow thaw in low temperature environment, also let bacteria activity, thawed products more fresh and safe.
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