The four advantages of frozen seafood

by:LongSheng     2021-01-20

live seafood is frozen, commonly known as frozen seafood, live seafood on the market, the need to add some material to survive, and basically no longer eat, can only rely on their own to survive and nutrition but also enough? The four advantages of frozen seafood is as follows:

1. Security

offshore fishermen have a chance to eat seafood, because only now BuXian eat is seafood. After a long time transport of live seafood, often need to add the simulation of the deep sea water quality material, so as to maintain the activity of seafood. From the origin to the markets, the supermarket is often more than a month, seafood aquatic products once upon a time, much less to the living environment and transportation process easier to produce * * and bacteria.

2. Fresh

the fresh frozen seafood is more delicious, fresh way is frozen. Ocean-going boats out to sea fishing often require one to two months. Deep sea seafood left native water will die due to not adapt to the water quality environment, only through the ship frozen technology, quickly will be firmly locked, nutritional and delicious seafood taste and nutrition to keep good after thawing.

3。 Easy to eat

after frozen sea seafood, it is more convenient to eat. Such as tuna direct bleeding after freezing, Argentina red shrimp sea ice after cleaning, deep sea fish processed frozen. Wash cutting good, eating good seafood aquaculture, deep need only after thawing, can be quickly made into delicious seafood dishes.

4. Healthier

frozen seafood from the deep sea, the water is clean, seafood, natural growth, edible Marine ecological food, so more health. Freshwater aquaculture products, because of artificial breeding, water cannot reach the deep ecological water quality, produce of aquatic products although succulent hypertrophy, appearance beautiful, actually at all from the nutrition, taste incomparable sea seafood. Are more likely to have some unscrupulous producer illegal add fattening, increasing agent, damage to the healthy eaters.
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