The proper way to thaw frozen seafood

by:LongSheng     2021-01-16

as a general rule, frozen seafood thawing time as short as possible, the closer it gets to the primary color, the better. Seafood thawing, can be in 1 ~ 5 degrees or so natural thaw in the air, also can use 15 degrees Celsius water spray to thaw, also can put in flowing water thawing of 10 degrees Celsius. But should not be kept quiet place soaked in water; Don't put the seafood in the warm water to thaw.

how to reasonable cooking frozen seafood?

first, once the thaw frozen seafood, for cooking should immediately, otherwise it will for the recovery of microbes and enzymes, causing seafood metamorphism and the loss of nutrients.

cooking temperature, time, according to the kinds of seafood, fresh degree such as the case may be. Generally speaking, cooking started to use fire, burning to boil after rolling to switch to a small fire.

the germs in dandong, seafood is mainly deputy hemolytic vibrio, such as heat resistance is stronger, more than 80 ℃ can kill. Except the water of seafood may also exist in parasitic ovum and processing of diseases and pollution. Generally speaking, in boiling water 5 minutes in order to be complete. Therefore, in eating 'drunk crab', 'sea urchin', 'soy sauce ( Oil food) No heating cooking seafood marinated seafood 'must be careful, when to eat raw fish also want to keep the fresh fish and health.
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