What are the advantages of seafood in the freezer?

by:LongSheng     2021-01-11

fishing to most of the fish processing in our country, only a little fresh pin in fishing in the coastal cities. I see there is in a restaurant or supermarket sell live fish, because of high transport costs temporarily raise, the price is higher, can't become the people daily main table. Want to let people all around to eat seafood, the development of cold chain is essential. Cold storage belongs to cold chain one of the important link, to introduce below the seafood freezer?

【 What is a seafood freezer 】

seafood refrigerator is a specific application of refrigeration equipment manufacturing low temperature environment, used for aquatic products or to place a plaice is a place of seafood special buildings. Along with the development of food cold chain, cold storage function is no longer constrained to traditional cold working and low temperature storage, but towards stock center, dispatch center, value-added services, advanced cold-chain logistics technology application center multiple roles, such as evolution, so the cold storage is an important part of food cold chain [ 1] 。

【 The benefits of seafood in the freezer and the effects on seafood 】

( 1) The growth of microorganisms are the key factors influencing the shelf life.

most of the growth temperature, the lowest in the microbial metabolism has been reduced to very low temperatures, in a dormant state, further cooling, will lead to the death of microorganisms. Food and maintain in frozen - 18 ℃ under the condition of storage, almost all can prevent microbial growth.

enzyme is another factor that seafood metamorphic. Low temperature environment can significantly reduce the seafood the activity of the enzyme, and commonly used in business Storage temperature 18 ℃, practice has proved that for most of the food in a few weeks to months is completely feasible.

seafood, cold storage temperature control below 25 degrees below zero, can well restrain the growth of microorganisms and inhibition of the enzyme activity to slow the deterioration of the seafood to extend the shelf life of seafood.

( 2) The quality of frozen seafood will have been frozen seafood?

with rapid deep freeze before cold storage technology can make the quality of frozen seafood is very close to fresh seafood. Research shows that rapid deep freeze in a certain extent, can reduce the rate of protein denaturation, protect the muscle fibre structure, effectively keep the fresh degree of the seafood quality and protein level, the hardness, elasticity and resilience change is minimum; Microstructure observation showed that liquid nitrogen frozen samples muscle fibre the densest, very close to the fresh sample [ 2] 。

( 3) Use of seafood freezer with appropriate points cold chain, can satisfy the demand of seafood long-distance transportation, greatly extend the shelf life.
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