What are the benefits of frozen seafood?

by:LongSheng     2021-01-19

now a lot of seafood in post-harvest, fresh seafood, frozen seafood in the ship to carry on the processing, immediately after low temperature freezing, big limit to ensure the quality of the seafood, after thawing, can present a fresh taste and good nutrition. Fresh even than those after a long-distance transport of live seafood! General modern deep-sea fishing, will be 'frozen' ship way!

seafood landed in a short period of time covered with a layer of a layer of crushed ice for preservation, this way of handling the fresh seafood called ice. Crushed ice seafood can be temperature 0 ℃ or so, and remain in the transport and storage process in the temperature range. In this temperature range, basic not frozen seafood or meat, can in the short term to maintain freshness. More frankly speaking, we often see in the supermarket, lying on the ice itself is not frozen seafood is fresh. Seafood processing this way to save time is shorter, not suitable for long-distance transportation.

frozen fresh, is refers to the in - after frozen Below 18 ℃ storage seafood. Are the benefits of frozen fresh center temperature dropped to - quickly 18 ℃ and frozen completely, make moisture cured completely, stop the changes in liquidity caused by the quality, ensure the quality of the seafood and nutrition. Frozen seafood can lock the seafood nutrition and moisture in the body, so as to avoid loss. And can kill bacteria and prevent bacteria invasion, keep the original product quality, save for a long time.

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