What is the frozen seafood?

by:LongSheng     2021-01-28

ice fresh ( 冷冻) And freezing, 冷冻) Is a way of preserving seafood.

fresh is the seafood and ice ice together, use ice for cooling, save for seafood. The most common ice fresh preservation is the place where sell fish in the supermarket.

is frozen seafood in freezers, cold storage refrigeration equipment such as frozen up. This is our most common way of keeping fresh.

ice fresh seafood and frozen seafood which good?

the improvement of the same circumstances, ice frozen seafood fresh seafood.

to explain this problem before we understand the first seafood, seafood and freshwater animals are very different, different seafood fresh taste difference is big, big, can achieve entirely different taste of freshness and even different kinds of seafood.

from a fresh perspective, fresh frozen>>> ice salt. Since most pelagic seafood life in hundreds of meters deep in the sea, no special processing, die largely out of the water. So you want to live wild seafood, absence of basic is difficult. So the ice fresh seafood is recognized as the best way of keeping fresh in aquaculture industry, basic can guarantee the improvement of the seafood and fresh seafood. Let's go to the top of sashimi shop to eat fish sashimi, fresh fish are all made of ice.

why ice fresh fish is not fresh supermarket? Because the supermarket the fish is not fresh fish.

to tell frozen, as long as it is seafood, no matter from what time do you start to freeze. Even alive, directly to the frozen thawed meat inside a change has taken place. And seafood flavor differ too much, as it was not even supposed to taste the seafood.

the ice fresh advantages:

the fresh degree of the maximum extent to ensure the seafood. Can buy the new way to save.
fresh seafood quality be clear at a glance
ice faults:

to save time is short, the longest about 15 days.
save the cost is high, need to buy ice, the need for manual packaging.
transport costs is high, ice melting speed, need to air freight. Freezing advantages:

save a long time, a few years will not spoil.
save the cost is low, directly into the proposed.
transportation cost is low, can walk land freezing disadvantages:

destroy seafood fleshy structure, seafood flavor.
it is difficult to determine freshness
frozen seafood will hang water, the weight of the water is bad judgment.
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