Who says frozen seafood isn't good, so thaw, the taste is very delicious

by:LongSheng     2021-01-10

frozen seafood today to tell you about the knowledge, in all the ingredients, probably belongs to the seafood to the improvement of the most critical! In everybody's common sense, how can tolerate for seafood fresh! Fresh, probably become people's basic demand for seafood. Most everyone thinks, active, clever and spit bubble of seafood, is the best! In the face of choice between living fresh seafood and frozen seafood, think live fish and shrimp and crab shell, good taste, nutrition is full. So, in the face of live seafood and frozen seafood, between preference for fresh seafood, and ignored the latter!

today, with the improvement of our living standard, the growing demand for seafood, aquaculture in the lakes and offshore, blossom everywhere, many problems, too. Most of the breeding density, short growth cycle and the quality of aquatic products is not high. Now, those fresh aquatic products, aquatic products market mostly local or pass the short-distance transportation to aquaculture products! The feed fish and shrimp and crab shell grow up later, after all the way of transportation and turbulence, circulation to the aquatic product market! Seems alive, in fact, when they grow out of their own environment, begin to calculate break feed, then by depleting its own fat nutrients.

what kind of frozen seafood is better?

said frozen seafood than live seafood is the premise of high quality, with scientific and modern way of frozen - — After the fishing ship frozen, now a lot of seafood, fresh seafood, in the ship to carry on the processing, immediately after low temperature freezing, maximum limit to ensure the quality of the seafood, after thawing, can present a fresh taste and good nutrition. Fresh even than those after a long-distance transport of live seafood! General modern deep-sea fishing, will be 'frozen' ship way! , is to use this way of frozen! So, the import of Argentine red shrimp is doing very well in our country. So you can eat meat, can supplement nutrition again!
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