Years of frozen seafood also can eat

by:LongSheng     2021-01-14

if the seafood is fresh before freezing, frozen after a long time has no problem, then, if it is frozen (through soaking in the water Is frozen BingTuo) , also can keep fresh, my family often frozen shrimp, after adding water already so can keep fresh also can save a long time. Shrimp, fish and water frozen more than a year after the basic does not have what change, is that there is no original frozen seafood freshness.

if it is a fish, will first take the fish scales and viscera, wash and drain and cut into small pieces and packed separately with the baggie or tin foil, and prevent the spread of the smell, put the freezer to save.

mussel class seafood to clean with clear water again, and then qing is added in a basin of water and put a tablespoon of salt, immerse the sediment clean 2 hours so that it will put a refrigerator.

using special refrigerated transport live fish tank shipment. General transport box adiabatic use 20 cm thick polyurethane board, made from stainless steel skeleton, injecting about 100 l and 90 l water, sea and size of the fish 800 l and 90 l of ice into the box. Before close the case, then add 30 l ice.
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