Longsheng Aquatic Products Co., Ltd is a leading Supplier of frozen seafoods in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China. With the advantage of rich marine resources and high product quality, we have developed significantly.Our main products: Frozen Mackerel whole round ,HGT and fillet , Horse mackerel whole round , Bonito whole round and HGT, Spanish mackerel whole round and fillets, Squids all kind  , all kind of tuna loins ,Mahi mahi whole round and fillets,Grey mulletand so on.


We can provide high quality products and exclusive services to our customers. From raw material to finished products, we have experienced quality control team to inspect the products quality for every process step. Our commitment to our customers is to "Always fulfill what we promise, and not to promise anything we cannot keep".Besides the quality products, we offer solutions, satisfaction, and profits.


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