Comparison of the nutritional value of frozen

by:LongSheng     2020-12-31

In your life, are you buying fish? If there are no fresh live fish, frozen fish is our first choice. But will the nutritional value of frozen fish be lost?

In fact, in real life, freezing is a very common storage method. There are generally several methods for fish storage. One is fresh live fish. Transported in the water. Everyone likes this fish very much. The highest nutritional value. If the journey is short and fresh live fish cannot be delivered, this is the second method. Chilled fish. Chilled fish is stored by adding ice around the fish. His principle is to extend the stiff period after the death of the fish, and let the fish's cells enter a dormant state for a short time, which plays a role in preserving freshness. Its taste is very close to that of fresh live fish, so this fish is also recognized by everyone. This storage method can only be stored for a few days, and it can be used in short-term places. His limitations cannot bring us much convenience. Then there is a third storage method. Frozen fish.
Frozen fish, everyone doesn't care how to get it, but what everyone cares most is whether the nutrition of frozen fish is gone. How different is it from fresh fish, should we eat it often? Sometimes freezing does not affect the nutritional value of it. Frozen fish must be very different from fresh live fish. If there is no fresh live fish in the market and you really want to eat it, you can buy it.

Everyone should understand that the taste of frozen fish is definitely not as good as fresh live fish, whether it is frozen pork, frozen beef, etc. There is a big difference in taste. If foodies are very picky in terms of taste, if there is no fresh live fish, don't buy it for now.


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