Knowledge Of Horse Mackerel


What is Horse Mackerel?

Horse mackerel (scientific name: Trachurus japonicus) is a high economic value food fish. The body is sub-cylindrical and slightly flat. Tip of the kiss. The fatty eyelid is well developed, the front reaches the front line of the eye, and the back reaches near the back edge of the pupil, leaving a semicircular gap. Each of the upper and lower jaw has a row of fine teeth, and the hoe bone, palatine bone and tongue surface are all toothed. The chest is completely scaly. The lateral line is almost straight from the starting point to below the starting point of the second dorsal fin, and then obliquely descends to the second dorsal fin under the 7-9th ray to the caudal stalk and becomes a straight line; the lateral line is full of ridge scales, which are high and strong, which is the original It is an important feature. There is another side line on the back, which extends along the base of the dorsal fin to below the starting point of the base of the second dorsal fin. Without fins. The back is blue-green or yellow-green, and the abdomen is silvery white. There is a black spot above the back edge of the operculum. The dorsal fin is dark, the pectoral fin is light, and the other fins are yellow.

Horse mackerel is a warm-water colony swimming fish, often living in the middle, sometimes close to the bottom. It is often mixed with blue trevally in the long area. In the larval and juvenile stage, small floats such as the larvae of copepods and clade krill mysis are the main bait. From juvenile to adult stage, except for krill, mysis, crustacean larvae, sardine larvae, etc. In addition to living things, there are small fish and cephalopods. It is only distributed in the Northwest Pacific region such as the coast of China, Japan and the Korean Peninsula.

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The Nutritional Value Of Horse Mackerel

Horse mackerel is rich in minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc. These nutrients are the components of bones, and eating can enhance the strength and growth of bones. In addition, horse mackerel is rich in protein and is an important component of muscles. Therefore, eating horse mackerel can strengthen the muscles and bones.

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