Frozen fish

by:LongSheng     2021-01-15

fish, is the biggest and most vertebrates door original the lowest an aquatic animals. Usually people often eat fish said economic fish. Economic fish is a tradition in our country export commodities, but also an important international aquatic product market commodity. Coastal fisheries around a quarter of the total area of the world in our country, the coastline for more than 18000 kilometers, about 2000 kinds of coastal fish. The main economic fish about 100 kinds, is one of the world's main economic fish producer, catches about 5. 4 million tons in. Freshwater aquaculture in China developed rapidly in recent years, aquaculture area of about 5700 more than ten thousand mu, the production of more than 370 ten thousand tons freshwater fish. Export economy about more than 80 kinds of fish.

economic use value is very high, fish fish taste delicious, nutritious, domestic edible, edible parts of fish body generally accounted for about 50 ~ 70% of the amount of fish weight around. Fish protein content is in commonly 20%, fat content was lower than those of meat, easy digestion and absorption by human body, so loved by people. China's export raw fish, has often been importing processed into fillets, grilled fillet, flavor fish fillet, etc. In recent years, foreign demand for live fish, ice fresh fish is more and more big. Fish has spread, along with the development of the nutrition into catering, high-grade food on the table. Fish are also used in national defense, medicine and other fields.

our export of fish ( Including live fish, ice fresh fish, frozen fish, fish fillet, etc. ) The basic requirement is the quality of fresh, fit for human consumption. Set up the quality standard of export varieties:
ice fresh fish: require fish body colour and lustre is normal, fisheye smooth and bright, no metamorphic hyperemia and opacity, caused by trauma is allowed in the capillaries, fish elastic, acupressure can quickly after recovery, allowed to have not significantly affect the appearance of minor mechanical injury, abdominal injury may through the chamber.
frozen fish: require fish body colour and lustre is normal, flat bright eye, gills red or deep red, fish tissue elastic, local allows congestion, fish oil shall not be yellow and dry, full of fish, allowed to have not significantly affect the appearance of minor mechanical injury, abdominal injury may not through the chamber, fins can be slightly damaged. Specifications

as exports fish sort is more, even the same types of fish processing specifications for foreign consumption market requirements often change, there are about 200 kinds of specifications, the specifications of the certain, often in the weight, the length of the project.

as the international market demand and competition, China's export processing method of fish are also changing, ice fresh fish do eviscerated according to the requirements of customers, ice fresh whole or half eviscerated, fish fillet and had different process, drying, baking, frozen fish species are more. With quality fresh fish raw material requirements. Rinse fish table impurities after selection, and then processed according to the requirements of different specifications, good specifications, packaging after is the finished product. In recent years, with the incoming material, feed frozen cod, sole, salmon and other processing of fish products increasingly account for a large proportion in the export of aquatic products. In finished products have a single frozen, layer, block frozen, glue the bread flour and so on the many kinds of form, thousands of specifications. Because fish protein content is high, the room temperature after a long time perishable, so the requirement in the process of machining keep processing when the environment temperature is not higher than 20 ℃. Water temperature is not higher than 15 ℃, as far as possible to shorten the time of processing to finished product, to ensure product quality.
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